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Quick View Antal low friction ring 50mm

Antal low friction ring 50mm

$47.09 (Ex. Tax)
$51.80 (Inc. Tax)
Low friction rings are at the heart of Soft links. Simple, lightweight and resistant Rings, together with more sophisticated products, such as Solid rings and Hooks, revolutionized the way we design fixed and running rigging on sailboats, and not only...
Quick View TyeTec NMP Block

TyeTec NMP Block

$57.90 - $169.50 (Inc. Tax)
$52.64 - $154.09 (Ex. Tax)
NMP-blocks NMP STANDS FOR „NO MOVING PARTS“. TyeTec® NMP-blocks are designed for use in between the loop-thimble and loop-block. The fixed part is spliced through the central opening or suspended, and the block is secured through the...


$16.76 (Ex. Tax)
$18.44 (Inc. Tax)
THE SMALLEST FRICTION RING ON THE MARKET! SPECIFICATIONS   Weight: 1.00 g   Diam. outer: 12 mm   Diam. inner: 5 mm   Safe working Load: 150 kg   Breaking Load: 300 kg   Max...
Quick View Allen Micro Thimbles

Allen Micro Thimbles

$18.20 - $26.00 (Inc. Tax)
$16.55 - $23.64 (Ex. Tax)
High load Thimbles Teflon coated anodised machined aluminium - alternative to blocks where a static load is applied. All sizes are available in black, blue, silver, purple, gold and orange.    Diameter mm:  15 ID mm:  6 Weight g:...
Quick View Ronstan SHOCK sheaveless block (Pair)

Ronstan SHOCK sheaveless block (Pair)

$18.03 (Ex. Tax)
$19.83 (Inc. Tax)
With no moving parts SHOCKS provide ultimate durability and are maintenance free. They are ideal where sand and grit would compromise a bearing system or where regular flushing out isn’t possible. Their gentle 3-dimensional geometry is kind on...
Quick View FRX Range

FRX Wichard Thimbles

$21.30 - $34.70 (Inc. Tax)
$19.36 - $31.55 (Ex. Tax)
Efficient and light FRX Wichard thimbles are efficient, light and reliable. Very strong, they can be used for heavy loads and semi-static lines. FRX thimbles are designed to make your lines run smoothly with minimum wear. They are hard anodized (50...
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