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D-Splicer D-16 scissors

$62.37 (Ex. Tax)
$68.61 (Inc. Tax)
The D-16 scissors are designed to cut strong fibres like Dyneema, Spectra and aramids.Regular scissors won’t work on these ropes. The blades of D-16 scissors are laser cut, made of high carbon stainless steel and have special modified...
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D-splicer Fixed F20

$26.68 (Ex. Tax)
$29.35 (Inc. Tax)
The D-Splicer Fixed is an easy to use splicing tool for (yachting) ropes. It is designed to work in situations where existing needles don't work. The unique double needle clamps your line and makes it easy to pull through. There are 4 different sizes for...
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D-Splicer Set

$62.37 (Ex. Tax)
$68.61 (Inc. Tax)
The D-splicer set comes with four needles and an exchangeable handle, packed in a tube for easy storage. Just unscrew the handle and change the needle matching the rope diameter you work with The set comes with four needles of...
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D-splicer tape

$2.66 (Ex. Tax)
$2.93 (Inc. Tax)
D-splicer tape is strong, smooth and flexible. Riggers and sailors use this rope splicing tape in all kinds of situations. For example tape your rope to the needle or keep the strings of the rope together while pulling it through. Diameter of the role is...
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Lancelin Dyneema Chafe Sleeving

$3.50 - $6.25 (Inc. Tax)
$3.18 - $5.68 (Ex. Tax)
Lancelin Dyneema Chafe Sleeving is perfect for covering ropes in high chafe areas. It also reduces line diameters which reduces friction around sheaves. This is a super high quality dingy Dyneema SK78 overbraid, in 48 & 24 plait. This is a must...
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SB Chafe Tape

$4.09 (Ex. Tax)
$4.50 (Inc. Tax)
Sailingbits Chafe tape is durable and hard wearing. Perfect to protect your boat and equipment   - Standard 1.3m lengths - 50mm thick (can request custom thickness if required) - over 50% cheaper than other products on the market - strong...
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SELMA Splicing Fids (Needles)

$57.09 (Ex. Tax)
$62.80 (Inc. Tax)
Selma Fids (Needles) are made from highly polished stainless steel. This Norwegian product is patented world wide. These sets cove the most commonly used lines and ropes ranging from 4mm to 10mm diameter.   Selma Splicing Needles - The most...
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