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CST Composites Bent Moth Boom Sleeve

$279.09 (Ex. Tax)
$307.00 (Inc. Tax)
CST Prepreg Bent Boom Sleeve. You can now cut and sleeve it yourself with no issue. Prefect fitting sleeve with cutting template allows you to cut your existing CST boom and sleeve with new bent sleeve yourself. Sleeve requires no laminating or carboning...
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CST Composites Moth Gooseneck

$77.27 (Ex. Tax)
$85.00 (Inc. Tax)
Tested and proven to work! This is the best little trick upgrade you will make to your boat. A nice smooth fitting for the cunno rope to pass through and adds a little extra length to your boom for those growing sails. 35mm mast, Fits boom with internal...
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CST Composites Tapered Bent Moth Boom

$1,588.00 (Ex. Tax)
$1,746.80 (Inc. Tax)
High Modulus Moth Bent Boom ID80 x 40mm – includes CNC cutting of gooseneck and fitting of moulded bent Boom component, Lever Vang kit, mainsheet hangers with additional Lever Vang hanger and fitted outhaul exits point  
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$825.00 - $1,100.00 (Inc. Tax)
$750.00 - $1,000.00 (Ex. Tax)
Tow Pro Pack is the new generation CST Tow Preg Moth mast The Tow Pro Pack is designed to suit sailors of a wide range of sizes and weights, providing the flexibility to easily customize your mast to suit individual requirements. The complete ProPack...
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M2 2.5mm Shroud Set

$445.87 (Ex. Tax)
$490.46 (Inc. Tax)
The 1x19 2.5mm Moth shrouds are the standard wire set for use on a Mach2. With terminal ends on each shroud, the forestay has a standard end loop the same as supplied originally with the boat. (Bottom Stay Adjusters and Hound Shackle are not included)...
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M2 Carbon Gooseneck

$293.12 (Ex. Tax)
$322.43 (Inc. Tax)
Fitting on mast to attach boom. Quick attach / detach. Bolt stays permanently on boom, just clips on. Vang pressure holds it there. Does not work with downhaul cascades inside boom.   SAVE YOUR BOAT FROM SERIOUS DAMAGE IF YOU DROP YOUR RIG. The boom...
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Moth Dyform 2.5mm Shroud Set

$386.85 (Ex. Tax)
$425.53 (Inc. Tax)
The Dyform 1x7 2.5mm Moth shrouds are a durable, low stretch wire set for use on a Mach2. With terminal ends on each shroud and the forestay, a boat-bender is required to fix the forestay in place. However the front turnbuckle makes for a cleaner bow and...
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Moth Mast Gooseneck

$100.00 (Ex. Tax)
$110.00 (Inc. Tax)
MAST GOOSENECK   Carbon Mast Gooeneck, bonds to back of mast and prevents the boom pin splitting the mast apart under high vang loads. No failiures to date, very light, strong and ready to fit. Center of mast to center of boom pin = 40mm. Max Pin...
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SB Custom Moth Cams

$66.36 (Ex. Tax)
$73.00 (Inc. Tax)
Custom Length Moth Cams - No need for cam spacers - Add your length in MM - Have the perfect cam for your sail       LEAD TIME FOR CUSTOM CAMS CAN BE BETWEEN 1 - 2 WEEKS FOR MANUFACTURING
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$3,580.00 - $4,980.00 (Inc. Tax)
$3,254.55 - $4,527.27 (Ex. Tax)
Smartlink Smallest | Lightest | Strongest Wireless Load Sensing Want to know the load on any rope on board? Want to hit that fast setting every time? Want to load up the tack line and deploy the Code Zero straight away? Repeat your sheet settings...
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