M2.2 Bow Mechanism

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316 Stainless Steel Wand Axle Bearing - CNC cut
Square-head Wand Adjuster Screw for easy adjustment
Ability to achieve much lower gearing
Reinforced wand axle
New Wand Axle Base Plate - Thicker for less twist, new position
Wand Adjuster Retaining C Plate
9 SS Bolts

The new bow adjuster is a much needed upgrade to the existing Mach 2 plastic bow mechanism. Where the soft plastic would wear and twist under load, the stainless vertical bearing plates are solid.

The thicker grade stainless base plate also aims to reduce twist in the entire mechanism, making for more control in waves. NOW WITH: From very early in the development of the Mach2, the intention was to have the gearing at the front of the boat adjustable from the wings. (This is why all Mach2’s have a utility tube.) We wanted to adjust at the front as this also adjusts the wand angle due to the offset of the adjuster nut. Amac had a system very similar to the current 2.2 model on his boat as early as 2008, but the final refinements that made it production ready only came just before the 2012 worlds. This new system not only reduces slop, flex and the possibility of the adjuster screw bending, it also is easily adjustable on the fly from the wings! The low friction design, along with a non-slip spindle, means that you can be confident of the repeatability of the adjustment.