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$3,580.00 - $4,980.00 (Inc. Tax)
$3,254.55 - $4,527.27 (Ex. Tax)
Smartlink Smallest | Lightest | Strongest Wireless Load Sensing Want to know the load on any rope on board? Want to hit that fast setting every time? Want to load up the tack line and deploy the Code Zero straight away? Repeat your sheet settings...
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$2,580.00 - $4,640.00 (Inc. Tax)
$2,345.45 - $4,218.18 (Ex. Tax)
Smartune: The Plug-In Performance Upgrade For Your Boat Smartune is a new technology that will help you to get that feeling every time. Smartune product accurately measures your forestay load, allowing you to record and repeat your fast rig settings,...
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