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Quick View Forward WIP Flying Mask  Googles

Forward WIP Flying Mask Googles

$109.05 (Ex. Tax)
$119.95 (Inc. Tax)
Protecting your eyes from salt water spray when Sailing at high speed.First Goggle Specially designed with waterproofed face foam and vents Spherical Cat 3 Optical 1 Lens with large vision field. 
Quick View Forward WIP X-Over Helmet

Forward WIP X-Over Helmet

$181.77 (Ex. Tax)
$199.95 (Inc. Tax)
The X-OVER helmet was developed in collaboration with several teams in the America's Cup, to offer the best protection and meet the requirements of catamaran competitions going at speeds > 30 knots.The ski helmet standard was chosen because it is much...
Quick View Zhik Powerpads

Zhik Powerpads

$152.70 (Ex. Tax)
$167.97 (Inc. Tax) On Sale
In collaboration with carbon fibre experts Carbitex®, a first-of-its-kind lightweight carbon fibre hiking pad has been developed to mould to the users leg utilising asymmetric flex profiles. Paired with this is the new seamless 3D knitted...
Quick View Forward WIP Wipper Helmet Kids

Forward WIP Wipper Helmet Kids

$118.14 (Ex. Tax)
$129.95 (Inc. Tax)
Kids nowdays used to wearing helmets to protect their head from shocks and sun.  As kids are often coming to the sailing club by bicycle, our Wipper can also conform to cycling CE specs.This makes particular sense in sailing, where sailing clubs...
Quick View Forward WIP Wipper Helmet Adult

Forward WIP Wipper Helmet Adult

$118.14 (Ex. Tax)
$129.95 (Inc. Tax)
Designed to take the knocks and bangs of everyday sailing, Kite surfing or Windsurfing.  The Wipper helmet is particularly suited to action watersport, where sudden smacks are all too frequent! Very durable with its Abs shell, it has a multi...
Quick View Forward WIP Pro Helmet Mk2

Forward WIP Pro Helmet Mk2

$172.68 (Ex. Tax)
$189.95 (Inc. Tax)
The new PRO WIP Helmet • This helmet is equipped with a quick-release buckle that opens automatically after a force of more than 6kg is applied.This enables its quick removal if you are trapped in a strangling position for...
Quick View Gill Harness Rescue Tool

Gill Harness Rescue Tool

$33.64 (Ex. Tax)
$37.00 (Inc. Tax)
Add this rescue tool to your belt for peace of mind on deck. Spending a lot of time in a harness, this is a must-have tool for the off-shore sailor, offering an easy to reach webbing cutter to help free you from an emergency situation.The innovative...
Quick View Gill Personal Rescue Knife

Gill Personal Rescue Knife

$36.36 (Ex. Tax)
$40.00 (Inc. Tax)
Be prepared for any situation with this personal rescue folding knife, compact and easy to open with one hand. The handle has been carefully designed to ensure a firm grip whether your hands are wet or dry so you can react quickly and diffuse any problem...
Quick View Gill Marine Tool

Gill Marine Tool

$50.91 (Ex. Tax)
$56.00 (Inc. Tax)
This compact marine tool houses seven separate tools in one which you can connect to your belt so you can have each to hand any time you need them. The multi-purpose tool includes a serrated blade and marlin spike for rope work and emergency cutting as...
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