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M2.3 Low Mast Stump

$248.41 (Ex. Tax)
$273.25 (Inc. Tax)
Mach2.3 Mast Stump for Mach2.3 Front Wing Bars (not compatible with Regular Mach2 Front Wing Bars) Holes for the top struts are 50mm lower but mast step is same as 2.0. Use std stump cut at bottom if you want to lower rig.   Mach2.3 Mast Stump for...
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M2.4 Cleat Plate

$652.13 (Ex. Tax)
$717.34 (Inc. Tax)
Pair of Cleat Plates to be bonded to wing bars. The cleat plates allow a boat to be upgraded to the Mach2.4 fitting configuration. This part is required to be bonded to the outer wing bars. Adhesive is required for bonding and is not included. Fittings...
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M2.4 Deck Organiser

$70.14 (Ex. Tax)
$77.15 (Inc. Tax)
Organizer for return of continuous control lines and leads for other controls. CNC'd 6061 Anodised Alloy. Two required per boat. Price is for one.
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M2.4 Deck Plate

$592.85 (Ex. Tax)
$652.13 (Inc. Tax)
Mach2.4 Deck Plate for bonding to hull. The deck plate allows a boat to be upgraded to the Mach2.4 fitting configuration. This part is required to be bonded to hull. Adhesive is required for bonding and is not included. Fittings not included. Fitting...
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M2.5 Mast Stump

$248.41 (Ex. Tax)
$273.25 (Inc. Tax)
Mach 2.5 Mast Stump for Mach2.5 Front Wing Bars. Does not have top strut holes for Mach 2 or Mach 2.3 Front Wing Bars. Also 15mm shorter than the 2.3 at 220mm.  
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M2.6 Hull Conversion Carbon Kit

$484.38 (Ex. Tax)
$532.82 (Inc. Tax)
THE KIT CONTAINS -  Qty Part #  Description 1 M26HBSHT  Mach2.6 Bowsprit Holder Tube 1 M26HDRLC Mach2.6 Reversing Lever Cavity 1 M26HPRJT Mach2.6 Hull Pullrod Joiner Tube 1 M26HPRT Mach2.6 Hull Pullrod...
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M2.6 Hull Pull Rod Kit

$560.92 (Ex. Tax)
$617.01 (Inc. Tax)
Everything (other than glued in carbon bits) from the RHA to the Bowsprit Pullrod.  Required for all 2.0-2.5 to 2.6 conversions. THE KIT CONTAINS - BOLTS Qty Part # Description 4 BO4x35RHP M4x35mm Round Head Bolt...
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SB Chafe Tape

$4.09 (Ex. Tax)
$4.50 (Inc. Tax)
Sailingbits Chafe tape is durable and hard wearing. Perfect to protect your boat and equipment   - Standard 1.3m lengths - 50mm thick (can request custom thickness if required) - over 50% cheaper than other products on the market - strong...
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SB Moth GPS Deck Bracket

$144.55 (Ex. Tax)
$159.00 (Inc. Tax)
The deck mounting bracket allows you to keep your Velocitek GPS or Tacktick compass in full view, but out of the way. Minimising windage on your foiling Moth. The mounting bracket is simply attached to the deck with Sikaflex
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SB Moth Hiking Straps

$168.18 (Ex. Tax)
$185.00 (Inc. Tax)
Lighter, Stronger and Longer Lasting with New Stitch Pattern and Fabric. The New SailingBits Moth hiking straps are built from light weight and non-absorbent carbon fibre laminate. They don't stretch. Period. And they have a nice padded section to...
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Tacking GPS Bracket For Mach 2

$340.00 (Ex. Tax)
$374.00 (Inc. Tax)
The tacking GPS bracket fits snugly to the deck of the Mach2. Out of the wind and with simple gravity assisted rotation, you can see your GPS speed and heading wherever you are in the boat. - Note: Dual Lock not included (use Sika to fasten the tacking...
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Zhik Moth Zhikgrip II Hiking Strap

$99.09 (Ex. Tax)
$109.00 (Inc. Tax)
Our ZhikGrip II straps are designed to connect and lock with our boot range. Together they provide the best connection to your boats dynamics, allowing you to hike hard for longer, while keeping your foot relaxed. Using highly durable Nylon and Rubber...
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