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BUGS Torque Steer uni

$54.55 (Ex. Tax)
$60.00 (Inc. Tax)
This is the perfect addition to your moths tiller. No need to replace your flex joint again.   Long lasting No torsional twisting stiff joint through to the tiller   Tiller Internal Adjusting rod end - ID 10mm Tiller EXTENSION end - OD...
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CST Composites Tiller Extension (ALL CLASSES)

$123.47 - $355.74 (Inc. Tax)
$112.25 - $323.40 (Ex. Tax)
CST Tiller Extension, Our tiller extensions combine the properties and appearance of carbon fibres, aramid fibres and heat cured epoxy to produce what we think is the best tiller extension on the market. CST's tiller extensions are untapered so they are...
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M2.4 Rear Hydrofoil Small

$2,080.22 (Ex. Tax)
$2,288.24 (Inc. Tax)
Used by Pete, Scott and Harry at the 2017 Worlds. High aspect, about same area as the 2.3 small. Significantly less drag. Lift between the 2.3 medium and small. Requires 2.4 RV or 2.3 RV modified. CAD and instructions available.
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SailingBits Moth adjustable bellcrank

Moth Adjustable Bellcrank

$221.09 (Ex. Tax)
$243.20 (Inc. Tax)
New for 2014, the SailingBits Moth Adjustable Bellcrank was used with great success by both Josh McKnight and Scott Babbage to place 3rd and 4th at the 2014 Moth World Championships. Made from high quality stainless steel, the adjustable bellcrank...
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$36.36 (Ex. Tax)
$40.00 (Inc. Tax)
Tired of the tiller falling off the back of the wing bars? Looking for a stiff and positive connection to your tiller ...... THIS IS THE SOLUTION ! The SailingBits Universal Joint is - Stiff and Flexible - high profile memory - Includes fittings and...
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