Tylaska Dog Bone DB6A

$19.01 (Ex. Tax)
$20.91 (Inc. Tax)
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The main feature of the Tylaska dogbone design is its unique patented tapered design with a grooved texture that grabs onto the line and prevents slippage. As the dogbone relies on friction to keep the connecting line from slipping off its ends, designs with straight shanks are not very secure and adding flanges to the shank creates snagging problems. Tapering the shank is better, but still does not grip the line. The new Tylaska design has both a taper and multiple surface humps that grip the line but do not cut or damage the fibers. This feature works extremely well and makes a big difference over competing designs.



Dog BonesABLine SizeWeight
DB6 A 2.75 [69.8] 2.83 [71.9] 1/8" (3mm) .05oz (1g)
DB6 SS 2.75 [69.8] 3.80 [96.5] 1/8" (3mm) .1oz (3g)