GLOWFAST Luminous Draft Stripes (Racing) Sail Tape

Glowfast Marine
$290.40 - $1,161.60 (Inc. Tax)
$264.00 - $1,056.00 (Ex. Tax)
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Improve your sail handling and performance by as much as 20% at night by using Glowfast Luminous Sail Tape. Glowfast Luminous Sail Tape works by allowing you to see your entire sail shape at the one time leading to improved sail trim and boat handling. This results in a significant improvement in your boat speed, safety and overall performance at night. (sail tape fact sheet) Glowfast Luminous Sail Tapes automatically illuminate when it gets dark making it possible to see all your draft stripes at the same time enabling you to analyse your entire sail shape without the need for artificial light. Using patented technology Glowfast Luminous Sail Tapes offer exceptional luminous properties. With as little as 10 minutes exposure to light they will glow for up to 20+ hours, after which they will automatically recharge the next time they are exposed light. Glowfast Luminous Sail Tape can also be recharged by torch light. Glowfast Luminous Sail Tape is manufactured specifically for the yachting industry and is made using similar base materials to current sail tapes, making it lightweight, durable and easy to install. Lightweight: 220 grams per square metre. This is comparable to traditional sail tapes and much less than reflective tapes and other luminous materials on the market. Durable: Glowfast Luminous Sail Tape is extremely durable. It is manufactured using the best materials and contains an aggressive outdoor adhesive. If installed correctly Glowfast Luminous Sail Tape will last the life of your sail. Easy to Install: Glowfast Luminous Sail Tape is applied to sails using exactly the same techniques used when applying standard tapes and markings, which means no added time or extra experience are required for installation. Applications * glow in the dark mainsail draft stripes * glow in the dark headsail draft stripes * glow in the dark spinnakers (V's and luff tapes) * code zeros * glow in the dark spreader markings * glow in the dark wheel markings * glow in the dark telltale patches * glow in the dark sail numbers * glow in the dark sail bag labelling To find the right sail tape for your yacht please use our sail tape selection chart. Alternatively you can purchase a sail tape package or contact us and we will help you purchase the correct size tape for you sails.