Dogbones & Soft Shackles

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Allen Dog Bones

$11.55 - $14.15 (Inc. Tax)
$10.50 - $12.86 (Ex. Tax)
Size mm:  6 Length mm:  24 Lacing eye mm:  2 Size mm:  8 Length mm:  32 Lacing eye mm:  2.5    
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$116.16 - $297.59 (Inc. Tax)
$105.60 - $270.54 (Ex. Tax)
Ropeye Single Braid and Double Braid Loops are scientifically and practically tested and proven. The products provide stable quality and maximum durability for heavy loads. Ropeye Loop range is good for deck attachments where the loading is close to 90...
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ROPEYE PRO Loop with Double TDP

$396.00 - $580.00 (Inc. Tax)
$360.00 - $527.27 (Ex. Tax)
The NEW Ropeye Pro comes with a curved pad which distributes live loads evenly across the profile and results in greater strength. Best for all deck attachments with any loading angle. Ropeye PRO comes with Double TDP (DTDP). NOTE: The ring should be...
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$47.52 - $68.64 (Inc. Tax)
$43.20 - $62.40 (Ex. Tax)
Ropeye Self-Locking Rings made of Anodised Aluminium are specially designed to lock the rope naturally, inside the ring channel.  SLR 7-10 – inner hole 10mm / Channel 7mm SLR 10-14 – Inner hole 14mm / Channel 10mm SLR...
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ROPEYE Stick on Ring

$109.66 (Ex. Tax)
$120.63 (Inc. Tax)
STICK-ON RING Ropeye Stick-On range is designedfor boat inside fittings to organise lines,wires or any other equipment avoidingto drill a holes for installing.
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$33.87 - $38.75 (Inc. Tax)
$30.79 - $35.23 (Ex. Tax)
Ropeye has two different types of XS loops: carbon & glass fibre. The loops are used as stick-on's for attachments for different fittings and attacments. Safe working load exceeds to 500kg. XS Carbon – Pad 30mm / Loop 30mm XS...
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ROPEYE Twinline

$114.82 - $128.67 (Inc. Tax)
$104.38 - $116.97 (Ex. Tax)
Ropeye Twinline helps you attach the block straight to Ropeye without any additional parts. You can adjust the length of the noose.   TWL5 – Pad 50mm / Lines 200mm / TDP 12 TWL6 – Pad 50mm / Lines 200mm / TDP 14
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Tylaska Dog Bone DB6A

$19.01 (Ex. Tax)
$20.91 (Inc. Tax)
The main feature of the Tylaska dogbone design is its unique patented tapered design with a grooved texture that grabs onto the line and prevents slippage. As the dogbone relies on friction to keep the connecting line from slipping off its ends, designs...
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