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Hales Micro Block SB-1

$17.82 (Ex. Tax)
$19.60 (Inc. Tax)
Manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel, the SB-1 is built to cope with the 2mm control lines necessary for Moth control systems like the height adjuster and gearing adjuster. This block is the same as the SBS-1 but is supplied with a screw...
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M2.2 Bow Mechanism

$631.66 (Ex. Tax)
$631.66 (Inc. Tax)
316 Stainless Steel Wand Axle Bearing - CNC cut Square-head Wand Adjuster Screw for easy adjustment Ability to achieve much lower gearing Reinforced wand axle New Wand Axle Base Plate - Thicker for less twist, new position Wand Adjuster Retaining C Plate...
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M2C3HPR, Mach 2.3 Hull Push Rod

M2.3 Hull Push Rod (975cm)

$30.04 (Ex. Tax)
$33.04 (Inc. Tax)
Mach 2.3 hull push rod is designed for new Mach 2.3 or upgraded Mach 2 that has 2.3 ride height adjustable barrel and modification to the tube socket on the foredeck. In length 975cm
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M2.4 Deck Organiser

$70.14 (Ex. Tax)
$77.15 (Inc. Tax)
Organizer for return of continuous control lines and leads for other controls. CNC'd 6061 Anodised Alloy. Two required per boat. Price is for one.
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M2.4 Gearing Assembly Kit

$440.52 (Ex. Tax)
$484.57 (Inc. Tax)
Mach2.4 Gearing Assembly - All of the components required to upgrade to gearing adjustment at the top of the front foil. USED BY ALL THE TOP MACH2 SAILORS AT THE 2017 GARDA WORLDS Includes new back end converter for the the 2.3 RHA but does not include...
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M2.4 IGUS flange bushing

$5.85 (Ex. Tax)
$6.43 (Inc. Tax)
IGUS flange bushing (6mm ID, 8mm OD) for Mach2.4 bowsprit wand axle (For carbon upgraded parts)   Used by all the Top Mach2 Sailiors at the 2017 Garda Moth Worlds
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SailingBits Moth adjustable bellcrank

Moth Adjustable Bellcrank

$221.09 (Ex. Tax)
$243.20 (Inc. Tax)
New for 2014, the SailingBits Moth Adjustable Bellcrank was used with great success by both Josh McKnight and Scott Babbage to place 3rd and 4th at the 2014 Moth World Championships. Made from high quality stainless steel, the adjustable bellcrank...
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Ronstan Bridle Pulley

$10.45 (Ex. Tax)
$11.50 (Inc. Tax)
  FEATURES Lightweight durable construction Economical Maintenance free Sheave Ø 16 mm Max. Rope Ø 4 mm Max. Cable Ø - mm Pin Ø - mm M.W.L. 150 kg B. L. 300 kg Weight 5...
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SB Moth GPS Deck Bracket

$144.55 (Ex. Tax)
$159.00 (Inc. Tax)
The deck mounting bracket allows you to keep your Velocitek GPS or Tacktick compass in full view, but out of the way. Minimising windage on your foiling Moth. The mounting bracket is simply attached to the deck with Sikaflex
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Tacking GPS Bracket For Mach 2

$340.00 (Ex. Tax)
$374.00 (Inc. Tax)
The tacking GPS bracket fits snugly to the deck of the Mach2. Out of the wind and with simple gravity assisted rotation, you can see your GPS speed and heading wherever you are in the boat. - Note: Dual Lock not included (use Sika to fasten the tacking...
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