M2.42 Low Drag Wing Covers (Hydra-net Wing Bar Cleats)

$1,498.40 (Ex. Tax)
$1,648.24 (Inc. Tax)
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Mach2.42 Hydranet Low Drag Wing Covers, designed for cleats on the outer wing bar (not front wing bar).

Hydranet version of 2.42 is significantly stiffer but also slightly heavier.  The Hydranet will be harder wearing than Dacron so they will last longer. These also have some additional webbing reinforcement around the tensioning rods and a third zip instead of Velcro to allow the eyelet patch to be fitted. 


- Low drag without the hassle of resplicing ropes when you replace.

- Cleaner layout for ropes with zip openings to access ropes and remove tramps.

- Adjustable front foot stap position.