M2.40B Low Drag Wing Covers (Dacron Bulk Head Cleats)

$809.09 (Ex. Tax)
$890.00 (Inc. Tax)
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Mach2.40b Wing covers. Internal bladder, designed for central cleats or cleats at stay on front wing bar

Dacron Low drag wing tramps include a removable eyelet patch which allow all of the control lines to be set up on the boat without the tramps fitted.  The tramps can then be slid over the top and hide all of the tails and take ups.  This also has the advantage of making it quicker to change tramps in the event of damage occurring

- Low drag without the hassle of resplicing ropes when you replace.

- Cleaner layout for ropes with zip openings to access ropes and remove tramps.

- Adjustable front footstap position.