Lennon Decksweeper Moth Sail

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A5mDS - Derived from Garda Worlds winning design. This shape is the allround shape. This is also the 2018 Worlds winning sail!

AH1mDS - Flatter version of the A5m. We supplied several of these for the 2018 Worlds getting 4th and 5th overall.

A3.5mDS - Derived from the 2017 UK Nationals winning design developed in conjunction with Dylan Fletcher.

General features standard spec list

Teflon super slide front luff panel
Reinforced window panels.
Leech end batten vernier adjustment
3D printed long/locking version
Carbon special tapered battens (glass battens alternative available)
Fitted sail numbers
Rolled sail bag
Vernier adjuster key
Cam spacers
Door to door delivery included for sails only (EU only - other areas may incur a surcharge)



The Story

With lots of testing a development with the most decorated foiling moth champion PAUL GOODISON the deck sweeper is now available. 

To put it simply most of the benefit comes from simply lowering the rig. The mast head typically comes down 200mm for the “normal“ rig height while maintaining max luff length. A small amount of area is borrowed from the back of the sail to make the part that “sweeps” the deck. To actually get this to happen you need a deck fairing but not having one has little or no effect on getting the benefits.

Managing this extra section of sail is tricky as the boom distorts the area. So it can look untidy but the benefits can be felt as soon as you sheet in for the first time!

To make a decksweeper work you need the distance from the top of the foredeck to the mast tip to be around 5200mm. Ideally the boom will be fitted to a mast gooseneck fitting with the bolt countersunk or very close to flush.

The opening for the hounds and spreader are usually placed in the same position relative to the top of the foredeck so, for example, if the mast is 200mm shorter the mast fitting are 200 closer to the mast tip. 

To work out what mast length you need simply measure the height of your king post and deduct it from 5200m


When to go sweeping or conventional?
So far it seems as soon as you are solidly on the foils the decksweeper sails are faster. But in marginal foiling conditions conventional sails are earlier up. The combination of the mast tip been higher (in less ground effected air),

and having more to lean against in the black art of coaxing the boat in to the air, does offer earlier foiling opportunities.

There are also questions around how aero efficient the bit of cloth under the boom is compared to having it on the back of sail.



2018 Moth worlds results

1st Paul Goodison A5mDS / A5m
3rd Rome Kirby A5m
4th Brad Funk AH1mDS / A4m
5th Victor Diaz de Leon AH1mDS / A3.5m
7th Benoit Marie A4m “S Boom