A3.5M Lennon Moth Sail

$2,900.00 (Ex. Tax)
$3,190.00 (Inc. Tax)
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Lennon A3.5M

A3.5M ( UK Nationals winner 2017). This design is a bit of outlier and we didn’t offer it in 2017. Dylan Fletcher developed the sail in the back end of 2016 - it has some unusual features and countered the direction of travel on the A4m / A5m. After several request this is now a included option for 2018. It sits between the A3m and A5m in terms of shape. Its flatter in the base compered to the A5m but from the middle up is more like the A5 than the A3. Its unusual in that its very short in the luff and needs to be set on short mast. It also has a very wide luff pocket which is made from “yarn tempered racing cloth” ( 165 HTP SQ). Its a tricky sail to pigeon hole due to needing a specific mast length - it could be used with standard mast but it would sit very high above the boom. Its still a good all round sail as Dylan has proven but would suit lighter sailors being flatter and on a lower set mast reducing the heeling force.


- Teflon super slide front luff panel

- Low stretch membrane sail

- Leech end batten vernier adjustment

- Carbon tapered battens

- Fitted sail numbers

- Rolled sail bag

- Vernier adjuster key Cam spacers

- 4x long printed cams and 2 printed short upper cams all with integral locking bulkhead