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CST Composites Bent Moth Boom Sleeve

$279.09 (Ex. Tax)
$307.00 (Inc. Tax)
CST Prepreg Bent Boom Sleeve. You can now cut and sleeve it yourself with no issue. Prefect fitting sleeve with cutting template allows you to cut your existing CST boom and sleeve with new bent...
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CST Composites Moth Gooseneck

$77.27 (Ex. Tax)
$85.00 (Inc. Tax)
Tested and proven to work! This is the best little trick upgrade you will make to your boat. A nice smooth fitting for the cunno rope to pass through and adds a little extra length to your boom for...
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CST Composites Tapered Bent Moth Boom

$1,588.00 (Ex. Tax)
$1,746.80 (Inc. Tax)
High Modulus Moth Bent Boom ID80 x 40mm – includes CNC cutting of gooseneck and fitting of moulded bent Boom component, Lever Vang kit, mainsheet hangers with additional Lever Vang hanger...
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CST Composites Tiller Extension (ALL CLASSES)

$123.47 - $355.74 (Inc. Tax)
$112.25 - $323.40 (Ex. Tax)
CST Tiller Extension, Our tiller extensions combine the properties and appearance of carbon fibres, aramid fibres and heat cured epoxy to produce what we think is the best tiller extension on the...
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$825.00 - $1,100.00 (Inc. Tax)
$750.00 - $1,000.00 (Ex. Tax)
Tow Pro Pack is the new generation CST Tow Preg Moth mast The Tow Pro Pack is designed to suit sailors of a wide range of sizes and weights, providing the flexibility to easily customize your mast...
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