Ronstan SHOCK sheaveless block (Pair)

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With no moving parts SHOCKS provide ultimate durability and are maintenance free. They are ideal where sand and grit would compromise a bearing system or where regular flushing out isn’t possible. Their gentle 3-dimensional geometry is kind on lines, but is strong enough to cope with poor leads.

SHOCKS are designed primarily for ‘soft attachment’; spliced to a line end or lashed in place. The elongated attachment aperture is also ideal for webbing attachment, ensuring the intended orientation is maintained.

  •  Performance & versatility
  •  Ultra lightweight
  •  Ultra compact
  •  Durable
  •  Colour coded
  •  Impact resistant
  •  Small line optimised
  •  High load capacity
  •  Poor alignment tolerant
  •  Soft attachment compatible
  •  Grit & salt resistant


Rope Ø1.5 - 5.0 mm

Height8.5 mm

Width14.9 mm

Length22.9 mm

M.W.L.175 kg

B. L.350 kg

Weight2.5 g