Ronstan Calibrated Turnbuckle Body & Lock Nut, 1/4" Thread

$30.68 (Ex. Tax)
$33.75 (Inc. Tax)
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Rolled UNF Threads


Laser etched calibrations allow accurate, repeatable setting of rig tension.

Sleek modern profile.

Easier to adjust than conventional turnbuckles due to fine thread and single end adjustment.

Threads are UNF (Unified National Fine), short pitch threads for fine adjustment and reduced adjustment effort.

Easily adjusted - by turning the unique adjustment nut.

Lock nut included to secure desired length.

Use of dissimilar but compatible metals avoids the risk of thread seizure.

Toggle end provides full lateral articulation and connection compatability.

Threaded eye, toggle and swage terminal end options available.

Handle kit and swage grip available for 5/16" threaded models


Product Specifications
B.L. (kg) 1480
Weight (g) 75
Notes: * The sight hole relates to a length (L) slightly less than L MAX. If maximum length (L) is required the threaded end can be unscrewed beyond the sight hole, but the length must not exceed the specified L MAX dimension.