CST Composites Tiller Extension (ALL CLASSES)

CST Composites
$190.60 - $470.47 (Inc. Tax)
$173.27 - $427.70 (Ex. Tax)
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CST Tiller Extension, Our tiller extensions combine the properties and appearance of carbon fibres, aramid fibres and heat cured epoxy to produce what we think is the best tiller extension on the market. CST's tiller extensions are untapered so they are easier to grip. The fibres aren't simply unidirectional; by orienting fibres off axis we've engineered a little bit of bend and improved the durability of the product. The final layer is an open weave spiral helix in aramid (Kevlar) fibre which further improves damage tolerance and grip. It also aids to keep the extension in one piece even if the carbon fibres are broken. This could be the difference between a finish and a DNF. Please note: Length refers to the tube length, not including fittings. (Ronstan Universal adds 40mm) CST Composites is the official tiller extension supplier to the Australian Olympic Team