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Tow Pro Pack is the new generation CST Tow Preg Moth mast

The Tow Pro Pack is designed to suit sailors of a wide range of sizes and weights, providing the flexibility to easily customize your mast to suit individual requirements. The complete ProPack includes 2 base and 3 tip options, allowing the sailor to easily select from one of six possible mast configurations to match the sail luff round and weather conditions.

Alternatively, use our interactive online store to select only the base and tips you need. The ability to mix and match base and tip options has been made possible by the CST integrated precision machined joint, giving you, the sailor complete control over your setup.

With the CST Sail Team currently testing the ProPack around the globe, feedback so far has been very exciting, justifying the research and developments in design and manufacturing processes, that have taken CST masts to the next level in quality, repeatability and performance.

The Tow Pro Pack  is  designed to fit most major sail brands.