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Forward WIP Backpack

$127.23 (Ex. Tax)
$139.95 (Inc. Tax)
Mulitpocket construction with padded back pocket for computer and tablet.Personal stuff area with mutistore pocket system.Rear pod to store the helmet on the back.When needed on coach boat,the bottom pocket will release a dry bag where the whole bag will...
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Forward WIP Flying Mask Googles

$109.05 (Ex. Tax)
$119.95 (Inc. Tax)
Protecting your eyes from salt water spray when Sailing at high speed.First Goggle Specially designed with waterproofed face foam and vents Spherical Cat 3 Optical 1 Lens with large vision field. 
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Forward WIP Gearbag 100L

$181.77 (Ex. Tax)
$199.95 (Inc. Tax)
Big sailing bag to carry on the back (no wheels) is light and very smart design with top pocket dedicated to caps, eyewear, helmet and other precious gear.A main compartment with 2 zips preventing mixing of dry stuff before sailing and wet gear after...
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Forward WIP Sponge Vest/Poncho towel

$90.86 (Ex. Tax)
$99.95 (Inc. Tax)
Smart and stylish personal changing roomNew cut and finish with pockets and hood string, Ideal for discrete beach changing and keep warm after riding 
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Gill Harness Rescue Tool

$33.64 (Ex. Tax)
$37.00 (Inc. Tax)
Add this rescue tool to your belt for peace of mind on deck. Spending a lot of time in a harness, this is a must-have tool for the off-shore sailor, offering an easy to reach webbing cutter to help free you from an emergency situation.The innovative...
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Gill Marine Tool

$50.91 (Ex. Tax)
$56.00 (Inc. Tax)
This compact marine tool houses seven separate tools in one which you can connect to your belt so you can have each to hand any time you need them. The multi-purpose tool includes a serrated blade and marlin spike for rope work and emergency cutting as...
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Gill Personal Rescue Knife

$36.36 (Ex. Tax)
$40.00 (Inc. Tax)
Be prepared for any situation with this personal rescue folding knife, compact and easy to open with one hand. The handle has been carefully designed to ensure a firm grip whether your hands are wet or dry so you can react quickly and diffuse any problem...
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Gill Sofia Sunglasses

$91.43 (Ex. Tax)
$100.57 (Inc. Tax)
All Gill sunglasses are floatable, so if you drop them, all is not lost. They have been designed with integral flotation and feature UV protective and 100% glare free polarised lenses specifically designed for use on the water. FEATURES Polarized lens...
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Gill Squad Sunglasses - Junior

$91.43 (Ex. Tax)
$100.57 (Inc. Tax)
All Gill sunglasses are floatable, so if you drop them, all is not lost. They feature UV protection and 100% glare free polarised lenses specifically designed for use on the water. FEATURES Â? Polarized lens technology Â? Integral Floatation...
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SB Towel Ponchos

$27.50 - $32.50 (Inc. Tax)
$25.00 - $29.55 (Ex. Tax)
Sailingbits  towel poncho's are the perfect solution to keeping warm while fighting to get into those wet wetsuits on a frosty morning.    Made from 100% cotton   Sizes  Adults - 70cm x 110cm  Youth - 55cm x...
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Zhik 25L Drybag

$59.09 (Ex. Tax)
$65.00 (Inc. Tax)
Keep your valuables dry in this 25L, completely waterproof drybag. Ideal for stowage on the boat or inside your regatta bag. FEATURES 25 litre capacity Tough, durable construction High quality components Removable shoulder...
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Zhik 50L Dry Bag

$90.00 (Ex. Tax)
$99.00 (Inc. Tax)
Our large 50L Dry bag is the perfect choice for long trips or if you have a lot of wet gear to carry around. Tough and completely waterproof, it also features 2 removable straps so you can carry it around easily on your back or shoulder...
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Zhik Dry Backpack

$168.18 (Ex. Tax)
$185.00 (Inc. Tax)
  Our Dry Backpack has everything you need in a functional carry bag but with the security of knowing no water is going to drip out. Comfortable strap and back padding, front and side pockets, and reflective detail for visibility at night...
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Zhik Powerpads 3

$136.32 (Ex. Tax)
$149.95 (Inc. Tax)
The latest evolution of Zhik’s patented next generation hiking pad system, now with a superior fit. Powerpads spread the hiking load forces across a greater surface area for longer and stronger hiking and speed on the water. Designed to...
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Zhik Sailing Visor

$26.36 (Ex. Tax)
$29.00 (Inc. Tax)
Tough, lightweight and quick-drying sailing visor made from polyester fabric. FEATURES Tough construction Glare reduction under brim Plush inner fleece headband for comfort and tight fit Velcro adjustment 2:1
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Zhik Structured Visor

$36.32 (Ex. Tax)
$39.95 (Inc. Tax)
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Zhik Superwarm Socks

$66.36 (Ex. Tax)
$73.00 (Inc. Tax)
Superwarm is designed for flexible racing in cold water conditions. Reflective thermal layer combined with water repellent outer, insulation and inner fleece helps keep you warm on the coldest days. FEATURES 3mm Superstretch quad layer...
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Zhik Trucker Cap

$36.32 (Ex. Tax)
$39.95 (Inc. Tax)
The new Zhik Trucker Cap features updated styling and materials. Structured foam front panel, and mesh back panels for breathability. Plush inner fleece headband for comfort and tight fit, with a snapback adjustment. The cap also features a sleek...
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