16ft Skiff

16ft Skiff

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16' skiffs are a uniquely Australian high performance three man dinghy.

16ft skiffs are one of the most popular boats sailed in Australia with fleets in NSW and Queensland. There are currently over 90 boats registered through 10 clubs and regattas regularly attract fleets of up to 50 boats. Most 16ft sailing clubs have excellent facilities and actively support sailing in other smaller dinghy classes.

Quick View NoDus Soft Trapeze Ring

NoDus Soft Trapeze Ring

$33.74 (Ex. Tax)
$37.11 (Inc. Tax) On Sale
Trapeze spoon in Dyneema®| Textile-Trap® Reference 20165 Trap®, trapeze spoon with low friction ring to facilitate the use of the boom height adjustment (hoist 1/2)The Loop Dyneema® R2 trapeze spoon & Nodus low friction ring...
Quick View SB Chafe Tape

SB Chafe Tape

$5.91 (Ex. Tax)
$6.50 (Inc. Tax)
Sailingbits Chafe tape is durable and hard wearing. Perfect to protect your boat and equipment   - Standard 1.3m lengths - 50mm thick (can request custom thickness if required) - over 50% cheaper than other products on the market - strong adhesive...
Quick View Split Tailed Main Sheet 7mm

Split Tailed Main Sheet 7mm

$120.29 (Ex. Tax)
$132.32 (Inc. Tax)
This Main sheet has been spliced to allow continuous centre line end boom sheeting performance. Designed for Skiff and dinghies that require the use of a main sheet bridle set up. Characteristics This line is specially designed for a perfect run of the...
Quick View CST Composites Tiller Extension (ALL CLASSES)

CST Composites Tiller Extension (ALL CLASSES)

$190.60 - $470.47 (Inc. Tax)
$173.27 - $427.70 (Ex. Tax)
CST Tiller Extension, Our tiller extensions combine the properties and appearance of carbon fibres, aramid fibres and heat cured epoxy to produce what we think is the best tiller extension on the market. CST's tiller extensions are untapered so they are...
Quick View Shock Footstrap

Shock Footstrap

$34.55 (Ex. Tax)
$38.00 (Inc. Tax)
The shock foot strap has been developed specifically for high performance sail boats. Easy to get feet in and out, with out sacrificing holding potential for those big down wind rides. Non absorbent and light weight construction minimizes weight gain...
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